高达220美元,12家处于不同商业阶段的公司将获得1万美元的资助, Ideadvance种子基金最新一轮奖项中的创意和所有权.

The Ideadvance program fosters teams that want to advance a scalable, profitable business model. Grant dollars are earned after demonstrating key learnings toward commercialization goals. 获奖者由一个教学团队支持, mentors and the program manager as they work through the Ideadvance Lean Startup program.


  1. 小企业365体育直播($15,000): 这些获奖者可能会通过收入获得后续资助, 天使或者风险投资, and therefore Lean Startup learning objectives focus toward a sales launch with pilot customers and consider debt financing and/or equity financing.
  2. 合作365体育直播(25000美元): Awardees should be actively engaged with or expect to require partner expertise toward commercialization of an innovative process or 深技术. Lean Startup learning objectives focus toward a pilot or fully executed partner agreement or engagement fr competitive grant/contract, 债务和/或股权融资.


  • AdventureCast白水, a mobile app and website that provide weather forecasts to outdoor recreationalists. 通过使用应用程序, users can pick the best time and place for their outdoor recreation activities that matches their custom weather profile;
  • 昙花, 的Mondovi, 自动识别的软件即服务(SaaS)产品, 对网站和移动应用中的隐私合规风险进行分类和排名;
  • 阅读障碍医生有限责任公司 奥什科什, a realistic and culturally responsive game-based learning app for students with specific learning disabilities;
  • Leutheria,有限责任公司 西阿莱, which empowers people to take full advantage of the cryptocurrency economy through time-saving trading tools, 教育资源和全球社区;
  • 药丸技能,有限责任公司 麦迪逊的, which progressively teaches children an important life skill with a series of graded pill sizes, 说明书和进度日志;
  • 《365体育直播》原型, which uses a mindset tool to help innovators and inventors develop entrepreneurship success traits;
  • 布鲁克菲尔德的Stratf有限责任公司 这是developingUnytus, an edutainment app that enables kids to experience and embrace diversity right from their childhood; and
  • Yevma公司. 阿普尔顿, Yevma Tech是谁开发的, 一个app-less, contact-less mobile payment technology to help businesses run more efficiently and offer superior customer service.


  • 美国医疗技术有限责任公司  密尔沃基的, 看起来发达, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology with applications to cardiology and orthopedic surgery.

第二阶段, 后续资金高达30美元,000, helps a select few to advance their business models to deliver customer solutions and attract investors as they demonstrate commercial milestones and a match.



  • Empresaria化妆品 密尔沃基, which engineers and sells easier-to-clean makeup brushes to ease maintenance for the heavy makeup user;
  • 塞壬灌木有限公司. 斯蒂文斯波恩特, 是什么从辛辣中提炼出美味的浓缩物, 生, 有机苹果醋, 新鲜的水果, roots and herbs and sweetened with just the right amount of organic cane sugar or maple syrup; and
  • 太阳能形式设计 的欧克莱尔, a renewable energy product developer and manufacturer that pairs the talents of artists with leading solar technologies to redefine the relationship between renewable energy and public spaces.

“为了应对新冠疫情后世界的影响,我已经进化了。. Idella Yamben, Ideadvance365体育直播经理. “Recovery and growth include a statewide approach to foster innovation inclusive of existing small businesses. 阶段1的变化轨迹, broader eligibility and enhanced programming reflects Ideadvance’s commitment to meet foster diversity and innovation in Wisconsin.”

自2014年以来, Ideadvance — a partnership between the 威斯康辛大学系统’s 技术商品化中心 (CTC) and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) — has awarded $2.拨给73家不同的公司6,500万美元. 截至2021年6月,这些赠款的影响已达到5美元.额外拨款900万,拨给得奖者. Ideadvance是WEDC S3365体育直播的一部分, which is working to further incorporate startups by providing operational and financial assistance to aid in navigating commercialization barriers.

“Ideadvance is a tremendous resource for Wisconsin entrepreneurs and is a great example of how UW resources can extend beyond the immediate campus community and current enrollment,亚伦·夏甲说, WEDC创业365体育直播副总裁. “The program does a great job of understanding the needs of businesses and challenging the entrepreneurs to discover for themselves what is needed to give their idea the best chance of success.”

Solar Forma was founded by Brian Graff and Greg Johnson in 2019 to create aesthetically pleasing multi-purpose solar products for public spaces. 它的E-Cacia太阳能树, 以非洲的金合欢树为原料, 提供庇护, 照明, 无线设备充电, 电动车充电和Wi-Fi热点. 他们的目标是在2021年年中销售第一棵E-Cacia太阳能树 部分由Ideadvance种子基金365体育直播支持, 他们最初得到的第一阶段是25美元,000 grant to help reduce business and technical risk through idea validation with expert support and intensive customer interviews.

“Ideadvance has been a great experience in that it has forced us to be more disciplined and introspective in our business planning,”格拉夫说. “Being compelled to distill our value propositions down 在 manner that the methodology required and then to analyze those responses was eye-opening but very helpful in more specifically positioning our company and targeting prospects. 当然,这笔赠款对我很有帮助,我也很感激.”

Those who are interested in applying for the annual program in 2022 can read more on the Ideadvance页面,报名参加 CTC通讯 并在推特上关注@威斯康辛tc以了解最新情况.


技术商业化中心是值得骄傲的一部分 威斯康星大学系统’s 研究所的业务 & 创业. CTC为365体育直播提供一对一的专家咨询, 解决威斯康星州小企业的问题. 不管商业阶段如何, CTC拥有帮助企业竞争资金的365体育直播和支持. CTC has collaborated in acquiring more than $100 million in federal and additional funding for clients. 学习更多在; follow @WisconsinCTC on Twitter.


WEDC通过提供资源来领导国家的经济发展工作, 对公司的运营支持和财务支持, 威斯康星州的合作伙伴和社区. 与全州600多个合作伙伴合作, 包括区域经济发展组织, 学术机构和产业集群, WEDC开发并提供帮助企业的解决方案, 社区和人们最大限度地发挥他们的潜力. 学习更多在; follow @WEDC新闻 on Twitter.


The 技术商品化中心 (CTC) is offering a matching grant of up to $100,000 to provide additional assistance to companies 在 process of completing a project 在 federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.